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Rethinking breast cancer and the environment: the case for the precautionary principle

Provides a framework for examining and determining the environmental causes of breast cancer. 

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Published: September 1998
Where have all the nurses gone?

This article discusses changes in nurses training and new hospital management strategies. Illustrates how the work environment for nurses has transformed and introduces the controversy of technology vs hands-on care.  

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Published: 1988
Pathways to breast cancer: a case study for innovation in chemical safety evaluation

A report of the Breast Cancer and Chemicals Policy Project, arising because proposed legislation in the US calls for disclosure of information about the toxicity of industrial chemicals. Investigates how such efforts could help identify chemicals that may raise the risk of breast cancer. Includes a testing scheme, called the Hazard Identification Approach, that provides a methodology for identifying substances that could elevate breast cancer risk.

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Published: 2010
Human fertility under attack: from research to action on phthalates and endocrine disruptors

A video of an address by Dr. Shanna Swan to the Assemblée Nationale colloquium on endocrine disruptors, focussing on phtalates and fertility.

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Published: April 10, 2012
Plastics industry workers and breast cancer risk: Q & A

A question and answer format factsheet on the health issues facing women who work in industries, such as the automotive industry, in which they work with plastics. Discusses the risk of developing breast cancer due to these exposures, the current situation with occupational health standards, and what should be done to change those standards.

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Published: 2012
If the chair fits, sit on it

This article discusses workplace furniture and our bodies. Provides a checklist to determine whether the chair you sit on at work is good for your well being. Recommends what to do about it.

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Published: 1981
The politics of artificial light

 This article addresses our increased dependency on artificial light, specifically fluorescent light. Describes how this increased dependency came to be. identifies how this change in our environment has impacted our bodies and biological rhythms. Explains how artificial light differs from the sun. 

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Published: 1982
The radical orthodoxy of naturopathic medicine

In this article a medical anthropologist proposes naturopathy as an alternative to the invasive system of drugs and surgery. Describes naturopathy; principles and practice. 

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Published: 1983
Hazards in our household

This article discusses house work and the environmental dangers of home workplace. Dangers of cleaning products. Potential dangers of appliances. 

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Published: 1984
Hormone disrupters and women’s health: reasons for concern

Informative and accessible brochure on the topic of endocrine disruption and women’s health. (Scroll down the webpage given to download the downloadable brochure.)

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Published: 2008