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Women and climate change: vulnerabilities and adaptive capacities

From State of the World 2009: Into a Warming World, this report looks at the international impacts of climate change on women.

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Published: 2009
Neurotoxic exposures and effects: gender and sex matter!

Discusses how environmental and occupational neurotoxicology research continues to confuse the terms sex (biological attributes) and gender (socially constructed roles and behavior) and to use these words interchangeably. Notes studies that examine both males and females, providing evidence for sex differences in toxicokinetics and responses to neurotoxic assault as well as gender differences in exposure patterns, biomarkers of exposure, neurobehavioral performance and social consequences. Argues that integrating sex and gender considerations into research in neurotoxicology would not only provide us with a better understanding of the mechanisms and pathways that lead to toxic assault, but also provide a means to improve preventive intervention strategies.

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Published: 2012
Women in medicine: will it make a difference?

This article discusses the possible effects of the influx of women in medicine. Questions whether more women in medicine will affect the quality of medical care for Canadians. Discusses enrollment patterns, specialty choices, productivity, the experience of medical school and potential changes in the dominant position of medicine. 

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Published: 1981