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The Context for Health Reform

This article looks at the international context for health reform in Canada.  The author explores how Canada has developed some unique reform strategies and adapted others to suit our particular circumstances. She argues that this is particularly the case in the areas of health promotion and gender-based analysis. But foreign influences and external pressures have seldom been absent, although the extent and nature of these have changed significantly over the years.

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Published: March 1999
Paradoxes and contradictions in health policy reform: implications for First Nations women

When governments invite the public to participate in consultations to reform health care and other policies, they generally represent themselves as calling upon citizens to engage in a social, but apolitical process. This study questions this representation by rethinking how policy is formulated and enacted and by rethinking how Aboriginal women are regarded when they engage in the health care system.

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Published: 2008
Gender equity and health indicators in the context of health reforms

Discusses the significant challenges facing those evaluate health reform using a gender lens.

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Published: 2007
Long-term care

Research on long-term caregiving and policy recommendations to create gender-sensitive long-term care.

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