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What people need to know about psychiatric drugs

Reviews the major categories of psychiatric drugs, the commons uses of these drugs and the problems that can result from taking them, including dependency and addiction.

Published: 2005
Psychological aspects of women's health care: the interface between psychiatry and obstetrics and gynecology
Provides a clinical and theoretic sourcebook for the practitioner facing the many universal and specific issues of obstetrics and gynecology that arise in psychiatric practice.
Published: 2000
Don’t blame mother

This article is an edited version of a speech given by Susan Penfold at the University of Toronto's Rosenstadt Lectureship in community medicine on December 5 1985. Presents historical data around the origins of mother blaming.  

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Published: 1986
Looking beyond labels

This article highlights two new and controversial psychiatric classifications.  Discuses the adverse effects these new classifications will have on the way in which women will be seen and treated by mental health professionals in both Canada and the U.S. 


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Published: 1988
Resisting psychiatry

This article illustrates self-help alternatives for psychiatric survivors. Discuses implications of a medical model which perpetuates negative values and stereotypes about psychiatric survivors. 

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Published: 1990