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Guide to less toxic products
Provides information about potential health risks of commonly used products. Helps identify less toxic alternatives for personal care, household cleaning, baby care, and household pest control. Also provides information to help evaluate products not in this Guide in order to choose the safest ones. (See Details)
Published: 2004
Dioxins and furans
Defines dioxins and furans, describes how they are produced, and the negative health effects they cause. Highlights how individuals can reduce their risks to exposure. (See Details)
Published: 2001, 2004
Day in the life

A short online video that follows a woman as she goes through her day, and identifies the toxic substances that she encounters throughout her day. 

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Femme Toxic

A campaign whose goal  is to educate young Canadian women about the toxins in cosmetic and personal care products that are detrimental to human health and can increase the risk of cancer and other health-related disorders. Seeks also to provide people with the tools they need to create personal change and to influence national legislative reform. 

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Published: 2009
Mercury poisoning: one woman’s story

This article consists of an interview with a dental assistant who learns too late about the occupational hazards of mercury. Her story describes a struggle with illness, with the dental and medical professions, with the compensation system, with family and friends and with herself. 

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Published: 1983
Mothers: the first environment

This article discusses the reproductive health effects of industry resulting in toxic contaminants in the air, water, soil and food chain. Shows how communities can respond with the example of the resistance of Mowhawk women and The Akwesasne Mother's Milk Project.



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Published: 1993