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Women's sexual concerns

Looks at women's sexual problems, and identifies ways women can start to discover their sexuality and what they desire.

A brief report about women and the new sexual politics: profits versus pleasures second new view campaign conference, Montreal,

Presents the summaries of the eleven plenary talks, in the order they were given, from the New View Conference.

Published: 2005
Sex is not a natural act & other essays
Examines the social construction of sexuality and female sexual dysfunction.
Published: 2004
Female sexual dysfunction: a case study of disease mongering and activist resistance
Examines sexual attitudes in the 20th century crucial in setting the scene for the creation of female sexual dysfunction (FSD). Highlights steps in the history of FSD and of the campaign to challenge its reductionist approach to women's sexual problems. (See Details)
Published: 2006
The making of a disease: female sexual dysfunction
Debates that researchers with close ties to drug companies are defining and classifying a new medical disorder at company sponsored meetings. (See Details)
Published: 2003
Remembering Ruth Cooperstock: women and pharmaceuticals 20 years later
Presents the proceedings of a symposium that examined women and the pharmaceuticals industry. Includes presentations of the three panellists and a brief summary of each of the workshops. (See Details)
Published: 2006
Female orgasms: myths & facts
Examines several misconceptions about sexual inabilities and explains what a woman can do to help herself reach an orgasm. (See Details)
Published: 2001
A new view of women's sexual problems: a teaching manual
Challenges the medicalization of women's sexual problems. Provides a manual of activities for workshops and classes to facilitate a broader understanding of sexuality and of how medicalization is changing both our sexual experiences and our ideas about sex.
Published: 2003
Gender perspectives on health and medicine: key themes
Offers a critique of exclusively biomedical approaches to personal and public health. Also looks at the medicalization of personal and social problems, the commodification of health care, and questions of agency, responsibility and control.
Published: 2003
A new view of women's sexual problems
Brings together gender theory, psychology, social science, and medicine in a critique of the reigning medical approach to women's sexual health. Illustrates a new paradigm for women's sexual problems.
Published: 2002