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Public health vs. chemoprevention

Discusses chemoprevention experiments, which test potent drugs to prevent disease, and the risks, particularly for Canadian women, of these experiments.

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Published: 2001
What you should know about breast cancer risk

Explains the difference betwen risk reduction and prevention. Presents myths and facts about breast cancer risk factors.

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Published: Revised 2011
Gendered bodies, health practices and perception of risk: a conceptual review of social science and humanities literature
Provides bibliographical references on the topic of bodies and gender in social science and humanities literature. The resources touch on topics such as cultural interpretations of the body, medicine and health, violence, race, sexuality, reproductive health, and the mind/body connection. File requires EndNote software. (See Details)
Published: 2000
Populations at higher risk: when mainstream approaches don't work: a Best Start Resource Centre "how to" guide
Presents information about how to reach, engage and meet the needs of sub-populations at higher risk, in the context of preconception, prenatal and child health. (See Details)
Published: 2006
Methadone in pregnancy: a review of the literature: women's health: practice and policy series

A review of the literature on methadone use in pregnancy, and a risk/benefit analysis of its usage.

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Published: 2008
A global look at cardiac risk factors

An interactive map you can click to watch the rise in BMI and diabetes – two of the major risk factors for cardiac (heart) disease – by men and women and by country throughout the world, from 1980 to 2008.

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Published: 2011
Not a medical emergency

This article is a not so imaginary piece of fiction about a nurse’s efforts to meet the desires of a patient when faced with hospital bureaucracy.

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Published: 1983