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Beyond DES: hormones in the environment

Examines the effects of endocrine disrupters on women.

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Published: 2003
Natural hormones: are they a safe alternative?
Examines the safety and efficacy of natural hormones most commonly promoted to women at menopause, including DHEA, estriol, melatonin, natural progesterone and ipriflavone. (See Details)
Published: 2003
Natural hormones: beyond estrogen and progesterone
Provides a brief overview of the National Women's Health Network's perspective on the so-called "natural" hormones that are commonly recommended to women at menopause. (See Details)
Women's moods, women's minds: what every woman must know about hormones, the brain, and emotional health
Presents a new way of caring for women and their emotional well-being by taking into account life experiences, genetics, neurobiochemistry, reproductive biology, and psychology.
Published: 1999
Estrogen through the life cycle
Discusses the human endocrine system and the hormone oestrogen in its four types: that found naturally occurring in the human body, that synthesized for ingestion as medications, 'xeno' or foreign estrogens from modern industrial and household chemicals, and phytoestrogens from food plants. Focuses on the function of oestrogen in women's bodies and how we may get too much, and the wrong kind, for our own good.
Published: 1999
The haunting of medical journals: how ghostwriting sold “HRT”

Examines how pharmaceutical companies promoted hormone therapy drugs, including the use of medical writing companies to produce ghostwritten manuscripts and place them into medical journals.

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Published: September 2010
Help for premenstrual syndrome

This article defines pre menstrual syndrome, describes mental, emotional and physical effects. Lists possible treatments and available resources. 

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Published: 1983
How to beat back pain during pregnancy

This article offers practical advice to overcome common pregnancy-related complaint. Illustrates the importance of understanding the basic changes that happen to the body during pregnancy. Offers a list of exercises designed for pregnancy. 

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Published: 1985
The great hormone debate

This article covers hormone replacement therapy. Indicates the decision about whether to seek or to accept hormone therapy remains the crucial issue for most menopausal women. 

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Published: 1986
Looking beyond labels

This article highlights two new and controversial psychiatric classifications.  Discuses the adverse effects these new classifications will have on the way in which women will be seen and treated by mental health professionals in both Canada and the U.S. 


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Published: 1988