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Women's paid and unpaid work: women in Nova Scotia

Provides statistical data looking on Nova Scotia women and paid and unpaid work.

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Published: 2004
Unpaid work and macroeconomics: new discussions, new tools for action

Examines the links between unpaid work and the macroeconomy and what the consequences of these links are for policy makers.

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Published: 1998
The politics of artificial light

 This article addresses our increased dependency on artificial light, specifically fluorescent light. Describes how this increased dependency came to be. identifies how this change in our environment has impacted our bodies and biological rhythms. Explains how artificial light differs from the sun. 

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Published: 1982
Hazards in our household

This article discusses house work and the environmental dangers of home workplace. Dangers of cleaning products. Potential dangers of appliances. 

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Published: 1984
Board games: sexist bias at the workers’ compensation board

This article discuses the challenges women claimants experience due to sexism.  Illustrates how The Workers Compensation Act responds to claimants work at home vs outside of the home. Shows how sexist systems work together to create more stress for women post injury in the workplace,  via the medical and the legal systems. 

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Published: 1988