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Canadian IVF clinic listing

Contains a list of IVF Clinics in alphabetical order by province. Provides clinic name, contact information, and website address where applicable.

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IVF effectiveness: first the burden of illness, then the burden of cost

Discusses the two premises on which governments have not provided funding for medical treatments of infertile couples. Governments claim fertilization is not medically necessary, and infertility treatments, particularly in vitro fertilization (IVF), are not effective. Current study being done seeks to provide evidence against the latter premise; this up-to-date and valid assessment of IVF effectiveness will provide vital information for policy-makers, clinicians and patients.

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When tinkering is too much: a case study of incentives arising from Ontario's deinsurance of in vitro fertilization
Debates the de-insurance of in-vitro fertilization, questionning the decision of the Ontario Ministry of Health in 1994 to de-insure IVF except in cases of completely blocked fallopian tubes and the issue of privatization that it raises.
Published: 1998
Two moms better than one?
Discusses lesbian parenting, artificial insemination, finding the right donor, and the difficulties of defining roles. (See Details)
Published: 1999
Choosing assisted reproduction: social, emotional and ethcial considerations
ART's offer an array of treatment options and alternative paths to parenthood. Along with hope, they also bring emotional, physical and financial challenges, and in some cases (donor sperm/egg/embryo, surrogacy) ethical dilemmas. Written by highly respected infertility counsellors, this is a thorough but sensitive guide to the complex decisions of whether, where, and how long to pursue treatment, as well as guidance about when, how and why to talk with children about their origins.
Published: 1998
Families following assisted conception: what do we tell our child?
Examines the question of secrecy and openness in families who have children following donor insemination, IVF and surrogacy. Offers the experiences and views of those who have already had to deal with these issues and the ensuing dilemmas in their daily lives as their children grow towards adulthood.
Published: 1996
Turner's syndrome: not a game of x's and o’s

This article discusses Turner's Syndrome, aka Gonadal Dygenesis. Highlights common features, challenges for women with this syndrome and therapies that are utilized.  

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Published: 1984
New age procreation

This article speaks to the encroaching medicalization and commercialization of the reproductive process. Explores the pro's and con's of new reproductive technologies for women. 


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Published: 1985
A primer of reproductive technology

This article provides a list of defines words and concepts on the topic of reproductive technologies.     

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Published: 1985
Science fiction/science fact

This article explores the blurred narratives within science fiction and science practice. 

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Published: 1985