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Something in the air: toxins linked to endo

Examines research that suggests endometriosis may be caused by toxins in our environment.

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Published: 1998
Chemical exposure and human fertility

Assesses the literature about the association between exposure to chemicals such as dietary factors and environmental contaminants, and impaired human fertility. Concludes by stating that while there has been no increase in infertility, regulatory bodies should continue to review the published literature and where necessary take appropriate steps to restrict or eliminate the use of chemicals with the potential to harm human health.

Hormonal pollution alert: protecting our long-term health, protecting the environment
Aims to inform general public of long-term health hazards of diethylstilbestrol (DES) and endocrine disrupters. (See Details)
Published: 2001
Toxins in Toiletries

Discusses the lack of regulatory oversight and awareness of the presence of toxic chemicals in cosmetics and the creation of a vibrant safe cosmetics movement.

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Published: Fall/Winter 2008/2009
Prenatal (chemical) check-up: Study examines environmental chemicals in pregnant women, fetuses and infants in Canada

Discusses Canada's largest study of environmental chemicals in pregnant women, fetuses and infants.

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Published: Fall/Winter 2008/2009
Toxic Trespass: Community activism on film: A film about children’s health and the environment

Discusses the film Toxic Trespass, produced by Dorothy Goldin-Rosenberg, about Canada's "chemical valley" around Windsor and Sarnia and the impacts of environmental toxins presented through the stories of young children with asthma, cancers such as Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma and leukemia, as well as other debilitating conditions linked with early exposure to toxins.

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Published: Fall/Winter 2008/2009
Disinfection & Downstream Effects: Gender and the Implications of Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products in our Water

Trace levels of pharmaceuticals and personal care products (PPCPs) are presently found in Canadian surface water and groundwater, and drinking water. Indeed, these compounds are starting to be acknowledged as pollutants that are persistent in our environment. Their ‘persistence’ is thought to derive not only from chemical properties that resist their breakdown in the environment, but from their continuous, and growing, release.

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Published: January 2011
Collaborative on Health and the Environment toxicant and disease database

A searchable database that lists over 200 diseases and conditions associated with exposures to toxic chemicals, including endocrine disruptors. The data are categorized by strength of scientific evidence (strong, good or limited). The database is updated as new data are published in scientific literature reviews. The database does not include information about the route, timing, duration, or amount of exposure, but refers researchers to research sources for this information. 

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Hazards in our household

This article discusses house work and the environmental dangers of home workplace. Dangers of cleaning products. Potential dangers of appliances. 

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Published: 1984
Breast milk : an untold story

This article identifies the chemical hazards of breast feeding. Advocates for women to take control of their own health. List of resources.

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Published: 1985