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Egg harvesting for stem cell research: medical risks and ethical problems
Explores the health and ethical issues surrounding young women and egg harvesting and calls for a moratorium on harvesting for cloning purposes. (See Details)
Published: 2006
Discussion paper on new reproductive technologies: medical, legal and ethical implications
Presents a discussion paper to encourage careful analysis, study, discussion and debate on the issues and ramifications involved with new reproductive technologies.
Published: 1988
Misconceptions: the social construction of choice and the new reproductive and genetic technologies, volume 2
Analyses the experimental nature and the eugenic implications of the new reproductive and genetic technologies, reveals the scientific/industrial interests advancing their use and exposes their real nature and profound social consequences.
Published: 1994
Bill C-6, an act respecting assisted human reproduction and related research
Examines the debate surrounding the Assisted Human Reproduction Agency of Canada. Includes references. (See Details)
Published: 2004
Royal Commission on New Reproductive Technologies analysis of public hearings - national overview
Presents an analysis of the information, data, and opinions expressed to the Royal Commission through 296 interventions during public hearings in the Fall 1990. Information received during the hearings was first summarized by intervention, then analyzed by region and by sector, and finally synthesized into main messages and issues to be pursued by the Commission. This document identifies any gaps that might exist in the Commission's Consultation, Research, Communications and Analysis strategies. It also describes how the information obtained through the Public Hearings was analyzed; compiles, by sector, the key messages delivered by intervenors during the Public Hearings; and provides a compendium of issues, suggested by the key messages, which require further information and/or analysis to fully inform the deliberations of the Commission.
Published: 1991
IUD (Intrauterine Device) toolkit
An online resource providing comprehensive and evidence-based information about intrauterine devices (IUDs) to help improve access to and quality of services. Resource is for policy makers, program managers, providers, and others interested in adding or improving existing IUD services in their family planning programs. (See Details)
Published: 2007
Behind the headlines: the physical and emotional costs of in vitro fertilization

This article is an attempt to present the reality of in vitro fertilization as it was experienced by 20 Canadian women.  Discusses the controversial success rates of IVF. Lists the details of what to expect in an IVF procedure. 


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Published: 1989
Unraveling the fertility industry: challenges and strategies for movement building

The author pulls out the main points and outcomes of a three-day international consultation on Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ARTs).  The consultation brought together 90 participants from over 10 countries to discuss issues and concerns around the proliferation, and normalization  of the industry of ARTs.

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Published: Spring/Summer 2010
In whose interest?

This article explores the impact of new reproductive technologies on women of colour. Calls on the white feminist movement to integrate anti-racism as an integral and vital part of feminism. 



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Published: 1991
Controlling conception naturally

This article discusses the various ways to use knowledge to prevent or achieve conception; The Rhythm Method; Natural Family Planning (NFP); menstrual and ovulatory cycles discussed in detail; Cosmic Birth Control is introduced.


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Published: 1981