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Bill C-6, an act respecting assisted human reproduction and related research
Examines the debate surrounding the Assisted Human Reproduction Agency of Canada. Includes references. (See Details)
Published: 2004
Royal Commission on New Reproductive Technologies analysis of public hearings - national overview
Presents an analysis of the information, data, and opinions expressed to the Royal Commission through 296 interventions during public hearings in the Fall 1990. Information received during the hearings was first summarized by intervention, then analyzed by region and by sector, and finally synthesized into main messages and issues to be pursued by the Commission. This document identifies any gaps that might exist in the Commission's Consultation, Research, Communications and Analysis strategies. It also describes how the information obtained through the Public Hearings was analyzed; compiles, by sector, the key messages delivered by intervenors during the Public Hearings; and provides a compendium of issues, suggested by the key messages, which require further information and/or analysis to fully inform the deliberations of the Commission.
Published: 1991
IUD (Intrauterine Device) toolkit
An online resource providing comprehensive and evidence-based information about intrauterine devices (IUDs) to help improve access to and quality of services. Resource is for policy makers, program managers, providers, and others interested in adding or improving existing IUD services in their family planning programs. (See Details)
Published: 2007
Reproductive rights and reproductive wrongs: proceedings of a conference held in Victoria, British Columbia, January 14-16, 1994
Presents a compilation of the presentations as well as discussions which took place during the Reproductive Rights and Reproductive Wrongs Conference, Victoria, British Columbian, January 14-16th, 1994. Aimed to promote discussion on the issues surrounding reproductive technologies, raise public awareness about the many concerns shared, and to expand the current interest from a focus on the so-called new reproductive technologies to an examination of reproductive technologies in general.
Published: 1994
Manitoba voices: a qualitative study of women's experiences with technology in pregnancy
Published: 1993
The March 9, 2004 Report of the Standing Senate Committee on Social Affairs, Science and Technology
Reports on Bill C-6, an act respecting assisted human reproduction and related research. (See Details)
Published: 2004
Analysis of public hearings annex to the national overview
Provides regional overviews of the public hearings as well as sectoral overviews of the following sectors: alternative and community health and social services; women's groups; legal and human rights groups; family, religions and pro-life groups; cultural/ethnic/aboriginal groups; labour groups; concerned citizens sector; infertile people, families at risk, consumers of NRTs and relevant support groups; groups and individuals representing people with disabilities; and medical community.
Published: 1991
Femmes et technologies de procréation: outils de recherches
Presents information for all researchers interested in new reproductive technologies (NRTs). Offers essays and glossaries in both French and English, extensive bibliographical material and abstracts of key feminist articles and books in English. Présente des informations pour toute chercheuse intéresée au sujet des nouvelles technologies de reproduction. Offre des essaies et glossaires en français et en anglais, ainsi que des bibliographies et précis de livres et articles féministes ayant trait à ce sujet.
Published: 1989
Missing pieces: not-so-public biotech consultations
Reports on the roundtable discussions held in April and May 1998 around the national strategy to guide biotechnology developments in Canada. (See Details)
Published: 1998
Choosing assisted reproduction: social, emotional and ethcial considerations
ART's offer an array of treatment options and alternative paths to parenthood. Along with hope, they also bring emotional, physical and financial challenges, and in some cases (donor sperm/egg/embryo, surrogacy) ethical dilemmas. Written by highly respected infertility counsellors, this is a thorough but sensitive guide to the complex decisions of whether, where, and how long to pursue treatment, as well as guidance about when, how and why to talk with children about their origins.
Published: 1998