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Proceed with care: final report of the Royal Commission on New Reproductive Technologies: volume 1
Examines the delivery of new reproductive technologies and finds that there is an urgent need for well-defined boundaries around their use, and that within those boundaries, accountable regulation is needed to protect the interests of those involved.
Published: 1993
Just technology? Plain language summary of "Just technology? from principles to practice in bio-ethical issues"
Explains the effect genetic science is going to have on all people, especially people with disabilities. Based on three working papers explaining ways genetic science could be used to harm people with disabilities.
Published: 1995
What we heard: issues and questions raised during the public hearings
Summarizes the issues that Canadians raised during the Public Hearings held by the Royal Commission on New Reproductive Technologies, held from September 11 to November 29, 1990.
Published: 1991
Misconceptions: the social construction of choice and the new reproductive and genetic technologies, volume 1
Discusses "correcting" infertility, "curing" disease or "improving" women's health; while explaining how women from diverse activist and academic backgrounds challenge these claims.
Published: 1993
Compilation of proceedings: search conference: June 18-20th 1990: Old Orchard Inn: Wolfville, Nova Scotia
Gives information on the compilation of proceedings from the Search Conference.
Published: 1990
Women's perspectives on reproductive health and rights
A discussion paper by the International Programme Advisory Panel and the International Women's Advisory Panel, which is intented to be a contribution to a deeper understanding of what women actually want from reproductive health services, and what they perceive as their rights. This paper is not a statement, or a definitive analysis of the topic covered. Rather, both Panels see it as the first in a series of collaborative efforts directed to helping the Federation as a whole to implement all aspects of Vision 2000.
Published: 1994
Egg harvesting for stem cell research: medical risks and ethical problems
Explores the health and ethical issues surrounding young women and egg harvesting and calls for a moratorium on harvesting for cloning purposes. (See Details)
Published: 2006
Discussion paper on new reproductive technologies: medical, legal and ethical implications
Presents a discussion paper to encourage careful analysis, study, discussion and debate on the issues and ramifications involved with new reproductive technologies.
Published: 1988
Misconceptions: the social construction of choice and the new reproductive and genetic technologies, volume 2
Analyses the experimental nature and the eugenic implications of the new reproductive and genetic technologies, reveals the scientific/industrial interests advancing their use and exposes their real nature and profound social consequences.
Published: 1994
Bill C-6, an act respecting assisted human reproduction and related research
Examines the debate surrounding the Assisted Human Reproduction Agency of Canada. Includes references. (See Details)
Published: 2004