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Profit or non-profit: are hospitals selling out?

Discusses the trend of hospitals to generate alternative sources of revenue to offset funding reductions by provincial governments.

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Published: 1998
Hospital report 2001. Preliminary study - voulume two exploring: women's health

Explores various data sources and research methods to select, calculate, and provide context around performance measures for care provided to women in Ontario's hospitals.

Published: 2001
Hospital report 2002. Women's health: an excerpt of hospital report 2002: acute care

Provides an analysis of how women use and benefit from the care and treatment they receive in acute care hospitals in Ontario, and how this differs from that received by men.

Published: 2003
Getting to the heart of the private hospital debate
Highlights the growing health care privatization debate in Canada, and argues that private hospitals are not more cost-effective. (See Details)
Published: 2000
Equity in case-based funding: a case study of meanings and messages in hospital funding policy
Analyzes stakeholder perceptions of recent “case based” funding reforms in Alberta and Ontario hospitals as a financial incentive to promote the policy goals of “equity” and “efficiency”.
Published: 1996
Hospital mental health services in Canada: 2003-2004
Presents information on general hospital readmissions and their relationship to seven diagnosis categories of mental illness. (See Details)
Published: 2006
Profiles: midwifery coalition of Nova Scotia

This article highlights initiatives by the Midwifery Coalition of Nova Scotia to legalize Midwifery. Discusses a proposed pilot project to compare the success rate and cost of hospital based midwife supervised births to medically controlled deliveries. 


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Published: 1992
Not a medical emergency

This article is a not so imaginary piece of fiction about a nurse’s efforts to meet the desires of a patient when faced with hospital bureaucracy.

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Published: 1983
Where have all the nurses gone?

This article discusses changes in nurses training and new hospital management strategies. Illustrates how the work environment for nurses has transformed and introduces the controversy of technology vs hands-on care.  

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Published: 1988
Long distance delivery

This article speaks to the unfortunate effects of regionalization on women's health. Indicates how regionalization shapes the birth experiences of women in many areas of Canada. Introduces The Project on Out-of-Town Birth research project.  A survey of health professionals reviewed. 

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Published: 1988