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The politics of artificial light

 This article addresses our increased dependency on artificial light, specifically fluorescent light. Describes how this increased dependency came to be. identifies how this change in our environment has impacted our bodies and biological rhythms. Explains how artificial light differs from the sun. 

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Published: 1982
Towards healthy work environments for exotic dancers in Canada: a policy brief

This policy brief is based on research by the Exotic Dancers Health and Safety Work Group published in Exotic Dancing: Health and Safety.   They look exotic dancers in the province of Ontario most of whom work freelance. As free-lancers they can choose when, where and how often they work, but they have no access to the protections available to employees through much of the federal and provincial labour legislation or through unions. Acts and sections of acts which use the terminology employer-employee do not apply to free-lance workers.

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Mercury poisoning: one woman’s story

This article consists of an interview with a dental assistant who learns too late about the occupational hazards of mercury. Her story describes a struggle with illness, with the dental and medical professions, with the compensation system, with family and friends and with herself. 

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Published: 1983
Pharmaceuticals manufacturing: what do we know about the occupational health and safety hazards for women working in the industry?

Describes how pharmaceuticals are developed and produced, and what is known about the associated hazards. Includes an overview of health and safety laws in Canada and elsewhere, as well as some examples of relevant best practices. Concludes with a series of recommendations. Abridged version of “Occupational health and safety hazards in pharmaceuticals manufacturing: Past, present and future knowledge, policies and possibilities, particularly for women,” written by Dorothy Wigmore for Women and Health Protection.

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Published: March 2009
Beyond male bias in occupational health

In this article, Debbie Field speaks with Stan Gray of the Hamilton Workers’ Occupational Health and Safety Centre. Discusses how the centre responds to reproductive workplace hazards. 

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Published: 1985
Intersections: a newsletter of the Institute of Gender and Health (Spring 2011)

This edition of biannual newsletter is dedicated to the Institute’s strategic direction on work and health, an area that will be the focus of targeted funding opportunities launched by the Institute over the next two years.

Inside this issue:

Message from the Scientific Director
KT Monitor: Women’s Mental Health Symposium Sparks Momentum
IGH Cochrane Corner: Integrating Sex and Gender in Logic Models for Systematic Reviews
News Briefs: The First National Gender, Sex and Health Conference
Trainee Spotlight: 4 Questions for Stéphanie Thibault-Gagnon
Gender and the New Diseases of Occupation
From Womb to Old Age: Sex, Gender and the Health Effects of Work
Hooked on Health in the Fishing Industry
The Shady Side of Work under the Sun

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Published: Spring 2011
Board games: sexist bias at the workers’ compensation board

This article discuses the challenges women claimants experience due to sexism.  Illustrates how The Workers Compensation Act responds to claimants work at home vs outside of the home. Shows how sexist systems work together to create more stress for women post injury in the workplace,  via the medical and the legal systems. 

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Published: 1988
Defining endocrine disruptors: are women workers in the automotive plastics industry particularly at risk?

A clear language factsheet describing the possible health dangers from chemical expsurres experienced by women who work in the automotive plastics industry.  Exposures described are mainly by breathing the fumes and dusts, and also by absorption through the skin. Many of these chemicals interfere with hormone systems and are therefore called endocrine disruptors.

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Published: 2012
In our own words - woman abuse: a national crisis, a national responsibility

This article profiles groups and organizations throughout Ontario who are working to eliminate woman abuse, reduce workplace and environmental health hazards and improve the health of women. 


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Published: 1993
NNEWH Plastics workshop (video series)

Fourteen videos documenting a workshop hosted by NNEWH in partnership with the Canadian Auto Workers (CAW) in January 2012 in Windsor, Ontario. The workshop dealt with recent studies on the emerging health concerns for women workers in the auto sector, specifically plastics manufacturing and the possible elevated incidence of breast cancer and reproductive problems in women plastics workers. 

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Published: 2012