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Workplace harassment and violence report
Documents the range of harassment behaviours women experience when they enter the workplace. Identifies the range of workplace harassment and violence that women experience and examines the effects of their experiences. Provides recommendations for reducing the risk of harassment and for providing women with support and legal remedies if they are harassed. (See Details)
Published: 2004
Wounded workers: the politics of musculoskeletal injuries
Argues that musculoskeletal injuries affect the kind of health care patients receive, the way they are treated at their jobs, by their friends and families, and by their governments.
Published: 1998
A call to action: women's health at work & violence in the workplace
Describes the forms and causes of workplace violence, as well as the different impacts it can have on women and men workers. Provides suggestions to prevent violence in the workplace for employers, unions, and government organizations. (See Details)
Published: 2003
Preventing work-related injuries: computers
Looks at the common hazards of computer work, as well as their causes. Provides suggestions for women to avoid problems from computer work. (See Details)
Published: 2005
Proceedings of the Research Round Table on Gender and Workplace Health, June 22-23, 1992, Ottawa, Canada
Presents the proceedings (in fuller text versions of presentations) from the Research Round Table on Gender and Workplace Health, intended as a response to concerns about the underdevelopment of occupational health research that included or focussed on women. Reproduces the discussions of participants on their concepts of and experiences in research, in education, and in policy development and implementation concerning women and work. Includes discussion of topics such as risk factors for specific occupations, irregular work, substance use/abuse and the workplace, AIDS and the workplace, work and family responsibilities, occupational exposures and reproductive health, mental health and workplace stress, vulnerable groups, and workplace solutions. Also summarizes research priorities in women's occupational health that were identified from the discussions.
Published: 1992
Carpal tunnel syndrome as an occupational disease
Reviews the literature on both historical aspects and more recent epidemiologic studies of occupational carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). (See Details)
Published: 2003
Mental health at work: managing stress is essential!
Points out the cost of excess stress to the employee, the employer, and to society in general. Suggests ways both individuals and workplaces can reduce the effects of stress. (See Details)
Published: 2006
Gender, health, and sustainable development: an African perspective
Presents the proceedings of a workshop held in Nairobi, Kenya, 5-8 October 1993. An examination of several themes such as: AIDS, Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Gender; Tropical Diseases and Gender; Environmental Stress, Production Actvities, Health and Gender; Social Issues, Gender and Health are discussed. This also includes Working Group Discussions and Related Topics and initiatives informally presented at the workshop.
Published: 1994
Getting a good start in the workplace
Discusses workplace health including employees’ rights and responsibilities regarding safety, dealing with stress, and work/life balance initiatives. Includes resources. (See Details)
Published: 2003
Preventing work-related injuries: soft tissue injuries
Looks at ways to prevent soft-tissue injuries in the workplace. Also examines effective ways of dealing with these injuries. (See Details)
Published: 2005