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The gender workplace health gap in Europe
Looks at how embedded gender assumptions affect occupational health.
Published: 2003
Gender, health, and sustainable development: a Latin American perspective: proceedings of a workshop held in Montevideo, Uraguay
Proceedings of a Workshop held in Montevideo, Uruguay, 26-29 April 1994. A compilation of papers with the following themes: AIDS, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, and Gender; Environmental Stress, Production Activities, Health, and Gender; Tropical Diseases and Gender; Indigenous Peoples' Health Issues; and Health Care Providers. Includes Working Group Discussions and Related Topics and Initiatives Informally Presented at the Workshop.
Published: 1994
An anthology on women, health and environment
Examines environmental factors affecting women's health. Details how women, health and environment are linked concepts. Covers such topics as water quality, nutrition and agriculture, housing and shelter, and more. (See Details)
Published: 1994
Preventing work-related injuries: standing on the job
Looks at the health problems women can face when they stand on the job. Examines how these injuries occur and ways to prevent them. (See Details)
Published: 2005
Annotated bibliography on reproductive health hazards in the workplace in Canada
Presents an annotated bibliography with an emphasis on Canadian material and experience since 1980 and relevant legal cases since 1970 on reproductive health hazards in the workplace.
Published: 1988
Gender equality, work and health: a review of the evidence
Summarizes the evidence about the relationship between gender inequality and health and safety problems related to work. It reviews gender issues in research, policies and programmes on occupational health and safety, and highlights some specific issues for women.  (See Details)
Published: 2006
Occupational health of women in non-standard employment
Examines factors affecting the occupational health of women in non-standard employment in the retail trade. (See Details)
Published: 2003
Provides access to federal, provicial and territorial occupational health and safety information. Offers sources of legislation, publications, statistics, training, research, guidance to good practices, and programs. (See Details)
One-eyed science: occupational health and women workers
Describes the long-standing difficulties in gaining attention for the occupational health of women.
Published: 1998
Short report. Dispelling myths and understanding realities: working conditions, health status, and exiting experiences of sex w
Looks at the sex trade from a work perspective, arguing that there is an urgent need to give voice to sex workers located in indoor as well as outdoor venues. (See Details)
Published: 2001