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Lesbian health guidelines

Addresses the barriers that lesbian patients face when accessing medical care. Provides information to aid in understanding lesbian culture and lifestyle.

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Published: 2000
Being female: what every woman should know about gynecological health
Explains the common gynaecological concerns that affect most women in their lifetimes.
Published: 1998
Psychological aspects of women's health care: the interface between psychiatry and obstetrics and gynecology
Provides a clinical and theoretic sourcebook for the practitioner facing the many universal and specific issues of obstetrics and gynecology that arise in psychiatric practice.
Published: 2000
It is time for a national birthing strategy
Discusses how Canada’s obstetrics and gynecology society is proposing a national birthing strategy to help address a shortage of maternity healthcare professionals – and a looming maternity care crisis. (See Details)
Published: Spring/Summer 2007
Hot pantz: do it yourself gynecology herbal remedies
Invites women to be aware and in control of their own bodies and provides herbal remedies for conditions from genital warts to hormone imbalance. Focuses on STDs, unwanted pregnancies and specific gynecological problems.
A gynecologist's second opinion: the questions and answers you need to take charge of your health
Aims to provide women with an understanding of how our bodies should work, and an educated idea of what has gone wrong when a problem arises.
Published: 2003
Independent health facilities: clinical practice parameters & facility standards: gynaecological procedures
Provides a framework for assessing and treating gyneacological conditions. Designed to assist physicians in developing their own quality management program and act as a guide for assessing the quality of patient care provided in the facilities.
Published: 1995
Clinical obstetrics and gynecology: alternative medicine in obstetrics: alternative medicine in gynecolgy
Quarterly journal volume focuses on alternative medicine in both obstetrics and gynecology.
Published: 2001
Gynecological health: a comprehensive sourcebook for Canadian women
Addresses a wide range of health issues from common concerns, including fibroids, urinary tract infections and PMS, to more serious health issues, such as ovarian, cervical and uterine cancers, endometriosis, STIs, infertility and sexual dysfunction.
Published: 2003