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Young women of color and their risk for HIV and other STIs
Examines the socioeconomic, cultural, and gender barriers limit the ability of some young women of colour in the United States to receive information on sexually transmitted infections (STIs), including HIV, access culturally appropriate health care, and reduce sexual risks. Includes references. (See Details)
Published: 2003
Justice system's response: violence against Aboriginal girls
Explores the roots of violence against aboriginal girls in BC and critically examines the judicial system's responses to it, making several imperative recommendations. (See Details)
Published: 2005
Locking them up to keep them "safe": criminalized girls in British Columbia
Details the experiences of four young women (aged 15-19) of being arrested, appearing in court, and spending time in prison. Offers an overview of the history of girls’ imprisonment in Canada. (See Details)
Published: 2005
Improving the health of young Canadians
Highlights research relevant to understanding adolescent health and development. Explores the association between positive assets in adolescents' social environments and their health behaviours and outcomes. (See Details)
Published: 2005
The "Go Ask Alice" book of answers: a guide to good physical, sexual, and emotional health
Responds to questions generally posed by university students under the topics: relationships, sexuality, sexual health, fitness and nutrition, emotional health, alcohol, nicotine and other drugs, and general health.
Published: 1998
The young and the breastless: young women take on breast cancer their way
Describes what occured during a networking event dedicated to young women living with breast cancer called The Young and the Breastless. (See Details)
Published: 2005
Barbie meets the bindi: discursive constructions of health among young South-Asian Canadian women
Examines young South-Asian Canadian women's understandings of what it means to be "healthy." (See Details)
Published: 2005
Challenge the assumptions
Looks at how assumptions about race, a woman's place, sexuality, relationships, physical ability, equality and others, held by the dominant culture, restrict young women's lives.
Published: 1998
Young Canadian Aboriginal women's feelings about their bodies
Describes five major themes emerging from a study on the body image of young Canadian Aboriginal women. Includes suggestions for further directions of research. (See Details)
Published: 2005
Planning for change: women & chemical dependencies
Reports on the Canadian Mental Health Association conference, 'Planning for Change: Women & Chemical Dependencies' held in St. John's on June 11 to 13, 1993. The conference addressed chemical dependency in three specific focus groups: young women, elderly women and Native women. Successive workshops focused on guiding principles in the education and treatment of women, social realities, substance abuse issues specific to each group, services currently available, and ways to make prevention and treatment programs more effective. This report summarizes the collective knowledge, experience and recommendations of the women who participated in the conference. From this conference came the overwhelming sense that substance abuse is a symptom of underlying problems facing women in our society such as low self-esteem; physical, sexual or psychological abuse; poverty; and isolation. It became apparent that improving the quality of women's lives is an effective way to prevent substance abuse and to speed recovery. The report concludes with recommendations to develop culturally sensitive programs for Native women, to provide day care for women in treatment, to treat addictions in holistic ways that address underlying social and psychological problems, to provide social activities that overcome isolation and replace pastimes centred on drugs or alcohol, to teach problem solving skills and stress management.
Published: 1993