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Relocation of custodial parents: final report

Examines the current Canadian legislative and judicial approach to the relocation of custodial parents, and provides an international context.

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Published: 1998
Family mediation in Canada: implications for women's equality

Examines the design and delivery of altrnate dispute resolution services and practices in Canada from a critical feminist perspective, with a specific focus on mediation services.

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Published: 1998
Letting in a little light: lesbians and their families in Nova Scotia
Deals with the daily reality of lesbians' family relationships focusing on the joy, caring, and comfort, as well as the pain rather than the negative aspects and the difficulties lesbians face in society.
Published: 1996
110 Canadian statistics on work & family - background paper
Presents a compilation of research findings drawn from the most recent national studies and data sources available on work and family responsibilities. Information was obtained from the 1991 Canadian Census, labour force annual averages from the monthly Labour Force Survey, and other research conducted by, or in collaboration with, Statistics Canada. Data also came from other departments, such as Labour Canada, Health and Welfare Canada, and Employment and Immigration Canada. Where possible, national data on immigrant, disabled, and Aboriginal women have been identified.
Published: 1994
Towards more work-family balance in Saskatchewan: the report of the Public Task Force on Balancing Work and Family
Represents the findings and recommendations of the Task Force on work-family issues in Saskatchewan. Identified four major work-family issues of importance: the need for more family-friendly workplaces; the need for more access to appropriate dependent care services in the community; the struggle to integrate work, family and community; and, the need for continued leadership, public information and dialogue on work-family issues. Conclusions and recommendations are presented for each of the above concerns. (See Details)
Published: 1998
Work-life balance in Saskatchewan: realities and challenges
Explores how the changing relationship between family and work affects organizations and employees in Saskatchewan. Specifically, it takes the pulse of workplaces in Saskatchewan by assessing vital signs in four areas: work-family balance, work climate, work attitudes and outcomes and the health of the worker. (See Details)
Published: 1998
Fact sheets on the human rights of children and their sexual and reproductive health
Presents a series of seven fact sheets. (See Details)
Published: 2001
Families and eating disorders
Discusses the role of the family in the development, perpetuation and treatment of eating disorders. (See Details)
Published: 1988, 2003
Two moms better than one?
Discusses lesbian parenting, artificial insemination, finding the right donor, and the difficulties of defining roles. (See Details)
Published: 1999
Redefining motherhood: changing identities and patterns
Challenges the familiar cultural image of the "good" mother through a feminist collection of essays. Showing how constricting and damaging that stereotype is, the contributors replace an unreal, narrow deal with the complexity and diversity of real mothers' lives. Drawing from their broad range of backgrounds and experiences, the writers show the many and varied ways in which women are transforming motherhood.
Published: 1998