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Women with disabilities in the urban environment

Looks at the social participation of women with disabilities. Examines how issues of identity, accessibility, poverty, housing supports, transportation, and urban governance intersect with one another.

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Published: 2005
We're women, too: identifying barriers to gynecologic and breast health care of women with disabilities

Examines to what extent women with disabilities regularly receive screening for breast and cervical cancer, as well as what barriers prevent them from receiving this care Provides recommendations to help eliminate those.

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Published: 2003
The challenges of change: the midlife health needs of women with disabilities

Examines the difficulty in distinguishing the differential impacts of menopause, aging and the effects of a particular disability.

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Published: 2000
She stands alone: a review of the recent literature on women and social support
Provides an overview of social support research, representing both traditional and feminist perspectives, the impacts of gender research, and an introduction to social support research on specific women's issues. (See Details)
Published: 1998
Women with disabilities: we know what we need to be healthy!
Studies how women with disabilities experience a sense of wellness. Identifies five key elements that enable them to experience health. (See Details)
Published: 1999
Challenges of change: midlife, menopause and disability
Examines the barriers and challenges disabled women face as they approach midlife and menopause. Details how women with disabilities have particular information and service needs during their menopausal years. (See Details)
Published: 2003
Caring for/caring about: women, home care, and unpaid caregiving
Explores the nature of caring in Canada, and examines reseach on women, home care and unpaid caregiving. Identifies the social conditions under which caregiving is undertaken. Also examines the experiences of women who care.
Published: 2004