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Information preferences and practices among people living with HIV/AIDS: results from a nationwide survey

Looks at how and where people living with HIV/AIDS get health information.

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Published: 2005
Influence of information sources on the adoption of uterine fibroid embolization by interventional radiologists

Studies whether there is a relationship between the use of information sources and the awareness and adoption of uterine fibroid embolization by radiologists.

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Published: 2003

Offers information and services provided on osteoporosis, including risk factors for women. Discusses prevention strategies such as calcium intake, exercise, vitamin D, and smoking cessation.

Published: 2001
Information needs at the end of life: a content analysis of one person's story

Describes the nature of information needed during the last phase of life. Presents and elaborates on four categories of needs, including physical, emotional, spiritual, and financial.

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Published: 2004
Breast cancer information dissemination strategies: finding out what works: report summary

Briefly looks at the differences between the actual information needs of women with breast cancer and what information providers believe those needs to be. Link requires Microsoft Word. PDF required.

Published: 2004
Breast cancer information dissemination strategies: finding out what works

Examines the current status of dissemination of breast cancer information, to understand which strategies work best and to share those lessons. Provides recommendations for information dissemination in Ontario.

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Published: 2005
Access to information: making it work for Canadians

This book reviews all aspects of the Canadian federal government's access to information regime, addresses areas in need of reform, and proposes several new approaches

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Published: 2002
Breast cancer information triage tool
Developed to help individuals and organizations respond appropriately to requests for information on breast cancer. (See Details)
Published: 1997
A family planning library manual
offers guidelines for establishing an effective family planning library collection. While originally conceived as a classification manual for use among the Planned Parenthood affiliates, the guidelines for organizing and maintaining a small library as presented in this manual, can be regarded as a tool for all small special libraries.
Published: 1994
Measuring the difference: guide to planning and evaluating health information outreach
Describes ideas for planning and evaluating health information outreach programs including community assessment, developing goals, planning, evaluation, data gathering and analysis, and reporting results. (See Details)
Published: 2000