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Women's paid and unpaid work: women in Nova Scotia

Provides statistical data looking on Nova Scotia women and paid and unpaid work.

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Published: 2004
Work-life balance

Explores the topic of work-life balance and its related consequences. Speaks to the causes and outcomes of time-stress felt, including gender roles and the changing family, declining fertility rates, informal caregivers and, lifetime labour transitions. PDF required.

Published: 2006
Women in Canada: work chapter updates 2003

Provides updated information on women’s participation in the labour market to complement the "Women in Canada" series. Link requries PDF reader.

Published: 2004
Environmental sustainability, growth, and the future of jobs: a debate between Cliff Stainsby and Andrew Jackson

Presents two articles, "Discarding a Deadly Fantasy" by Cliff Stainsby and "In Defense of (Sustainable) Growth" by Andrew Jackson. These two papers debate how to acheive full employment while simultaneously maintaining environmental sustainability. The first paper is a critique of Jackson's 'Future of Jobs'. (See Details)

Published: 1998
Women and pensions: fact sheets

The CCSD has provided these 8 fact sheets in hopes of contribution to our understanding of aging, retirement and access to pensions as gender issues. Titles: 1. Canada's Seniors: Some Facts, 2. The Three-Tiered Income Security System for the Elderly in Canada, 3. Old Age Security, 4. The Guaranteed Income Supplement, 5. The Spouse's Allowance, 6. The Canada/Quebec Pension Plans, 7. Registered Retirement Savings Plan, 8. Registered Pension Plans. (See Details)

Published: 1996
Watering down the milk: women coping on Alberta's minimum wage

Examines the process behind the Alberta government Employment Standards Review, the economic and moral implications of low minimum wage levels, and the impact of a low minimum wage on the lives of women in Alberta.

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Published: 1999
Aboriginal women and jobs: challenges and issues for employability programs in Quebec

Identifies and assesses the nature, use and efficiency of employment, job access and training programs for Aboriginal women in the province of Québec.

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Published: 2001
More than just a dozen: women and global development

A series of radio programs, CD-ROMs and booklets featuring women from around the world (in over- and under-developed countries). Links require PDF reader.

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Personal security index 2003
Compares hard data on the economy, health and crime to polling information on how Canadians perceive they are faring in these three areas. Found that Canadians have a little more spending money in their pockets and more confidence in their job security, but they are less satisfied with the ability of their incomes to meet their basic needs – and increasingly anxious about Canada’s health and social safety nets. (See Details)
Published: 2003
Family background, family income, maternal work and child development
Estimates the effects of maternal employment and family income on the behavarioural development of young children. Includes policy implications. (See Details)
Published: 1998