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Give it to me now: sexual health information and services for older youth in British Columbia

Reports on a study that explored the sexual health information and service needs of young adults beyond adolescence (ages 19-30).

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Published: 2006
Information preferences and practices among people living with HIV/AIDS: results from a nationwide survey

Looks at how and where people living with HIV/AIDS get health information.

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Published: 2005
Evaluating health information on the Internet

Provides direction for people looking for health information online. Lists common things to watch out for, as well as how to evaluate information found.

Published: 2002
Consumer education scan on women's health fact sheet/Final Report

Looks at what health information exists in the public domain on women’s health issues, with a focus on resources that have a health promotion focus. Link requires HTML.

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Published: 2001
Drugs in the news: how well do Canadian newspapers report the good, the bad and the ugly of new prescription drugs?

Examines whether Canadians can rely on daily newspapers to provide them with accuracte, credible information about new drugs. Demonstrates that newspaper articles more often emphasized the benefits of new drugs, paying less attention to possible harms, regardless of the length of the article and often failed to distinguish between real clinical benefits of a drug and merely changes in some measurement that is only a risk factor for disease. (See Details)

Published: 2003
Medical products and the Internet: WHO's guide to safe surfing

Provides a guide to obtaining reliable, independent and comparable information on medical products on the World Wide Web. Developed in consultation with drug regulatory authorities, drug information experts, consumer organizations and the pharmaceutical industry.

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Published: 2001
Well-written health information: a guide

Assists health practitioners to work with consumers to design written health information to ensure the information meets consumer needs, is comprehensive in scope, and is presented in an unbiased way.

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Published: 2000
Consumer education scan on women's health issues

Details a consumer education scan to determine what health information exists in the public domain on women’s health issues, with a focus on resources that have a health promotion focus.

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Published: 2001
Proceed with caution: a report on the quality of health information on the Internet: report summary

Provides a summary report of a study commissioned by California HealthCare Foundation to describe and evaluate health information available on the Internet, particularly English-language and Spanish-language search engines and web sites. Highlights the study's methods and overall findings. A more detailed description can be found in the Complete Study, posted on the Foundaiton's web site ( (See Details)

Published: 2001
The health library
Proivdes a consumer health library that provides scientifically-based medical information to help people make information decisions about their health and health care. (See Details)