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Selected estimates of costs of violence against women
Estimates selected economic costs of three forms of violence against women (sexual assault/rape, woman abuse in intimate partnerships, and incest/child sexual assaut) in four policy areas: health/medicine; criminal justice;social services/education; and, labour/employment.
Published: 1995
Violence against women: new Canadian perspectives
Presents a reader on violence against women, comprised of articles written by Canadians about multiple aspects of experience with this issue.
Published: 2002
The last sisters: health issues of women with disabilities
Discusses particular concerns for women with disabilities, including abuse, mental health, disability policy, access, gender inequity, service barriers, invalidation of sexuality and reproductive health, medical negligence, depression and suicide. (See Details)
Published: 2002
Colors of violence
Describes how women of colour, who are victimized by sexual or domestic violence, can face difficulties in regards to proper justice. (See Details)
Published: 2000
Ending violence against women: a challenge for development and humanitarian work
Examines definitions of violence against women, and attempts to explain why it is a problem in all societies around the world. Focuses on strategies that development organisations can adopt in order to counter violence against women and to support the survivors.
Published: 2001
Understanding violence against women: a peer education manual for preventing violence against women In Newfoundland and Labrador
Designed as a tool to provide background analysis and educational materials which individuals and community groups can use to educate themselves about violence.
Published: 1999
Women 2000: eradicating poverty and violence in the 21st century
Provides analysis and responses to the systemic nature of poverty and violence against women in Canada.
Published: 2000
Violence against women: a priority health issue
Presents a global overview of violence against women, particularly as it pertains to the health of women and girls.
Published: 1997
Women and HIV/AIDS: confronting the crisis
Discusses women's particular vulnerabilities to HIV/AIDS. Provides an anlysis of the situation and practical responses to address the triple threat of gender inequality, poverty and HIV/AIDS. (See Details)
Published: 2004
Connexions report
Provides key points of discussion from the Connexions Conference held January 25-28, 2001 in Toronto for young women interested in discussing the intersections of gender and race as they impact violence and poverty.
Published: 2001