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A fact sheet on Aboriginal health research governance

Examines Aboriginal research ethics review processes, research agreements and models for ensuring that research is directed by and accountable to Aboriginal communities.

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Published: 2007
Report on the regional consultation held in Kahnawake, Quebec

Discusses AWHHRG's bibliography, with such themes as Aboriginal research methodology, gaps in existing research, qualitative and quantitative research, and strategies and methods.

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Published: 2006
Cultural competence for registered nurses

Details recommendations to ensure appropriate cultural competence nursing care for Aboriginal peoples.

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Published: 2002
Mother launches campaign to recruit Aboriginal bone marrow donors

Describes the work of one woman, Gloria Greyeyes, who is raising awareness for the need of Aboriginal bone marrow donors.

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Published: 2002
Living in balance: gender, structural inequalities, and health promoting behaviors in Manitoba First Nation communities

Describes health promoting behaviours such as engaging in more physical activity, positive dietary changes, quitting smoking, and stopping drinking for a time, in First Nations peoples.

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Published: 2000
Reading Romanow : the implications of the final report of The Commission on the Future of Health Care in Canada for women

Offers a chapter-by-chapter gendered analysis of the Final Report of the Royal Commission on the Future of Health Care, Building on Values: The Future of Health Care in Canada (Romanow 2002).

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Published: 2003
Journal of Aboriginal Health

Shares success stories in Aboriginal health, discusses issues and opportunities, and provides the latest information and research of interest to First Nation, Inuit and Métis Peoples.

Published: 2004-
Canada health action: building on the legacy: volume II: synthesis reports and issues papers

Presents the detailed analysis and rational, as well as recommendations, that led to the forum's priorities, outlined in Volume I.

Published: 1997
Position of Quebec Native Women on the Canadian ratification of the American Convention on Human Rights and the Inter-American C

Recommends that Canada ratifies these two conventions in order to lend its weight to the protection and promotion of the human rights of Aboriginal peoples in the Americas.

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Published: 2003
Reducing health disparities and promoting equity for vulnerable populations. Aboriginal Canada: synthesis paper

Reivews the health disparities among Aboriginal peoples (First Nations, Inuit and Métis) in Canada, all direct and indirect results of social, economic, cultural and political inequities.

Published: 2004