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Women can fight an almost secret syndrome

Describes polycystic ovary syndrome, or PCOS, a body-wide metabolic disorder characterized by abnormal hormone levels that can result in infertility, obesity, acne, excessive facial and body hair, diabetes, heart disease and uterine cancer. Concludes by discussing diagnosis and potential treatments for PCOS, particularly stressing support groups.

Misconceptions: the social construction of choice and the new reproductive and genetic technologies, volume 2
Analyses the experimental nature and the eugenic implications of the new reproductive and genetic technologies, reveals the scientific/industrial interests advancing their use and exposes their real nature and profound social consequences.
Published: 1994
Fertility issues associated with DES-exposure
Reviews existing medical literature on the fertility problems associated with DES-exposure.
Published: 1993
Thyroid disease, pregnancy and fertility
Discusses thyroid disease as it relates to female and male infertility, pregnancy, menstruation, and fibrocystic disease of the breast. (See Details)
Published: 2001
Eating disorders, fertility and pregnancy
Looks at the effects of eating disorders on fertility and pregnancy. (See Details)
Published: 1992
Misconceptions: the social construction of choice and the new reproductive and genetic technologies, volume 1
Discusses "correcting" infertility, "curing" disease or "improving" women's health; while explaining how women from diverse activist and academic backgrounds challenge these claims.
Published: 1993
Unraveling the fertility industry: challenges and strategies for movement building

The author pulls out the main points and outcomes of a three-day international consultation on Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ARTs).  The consultation brought together 90 participants from over 10 countries to discuss issues and concerns around the proliferation, and normalization  of the industry of ARTs.

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Published: Spring/Summer 2010
Human fertility under attack: from research to action on phthalates and endocrine disruptors

A video of an address by Dr. Shanna Swan to the Assemblée Nationale colloquium on endocrine disruptors, focussing on phtalates and fertility.

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Published: April 10, 2012
Controlling conception naturally

This article discusses the various ways to use knowledge to prevent or achieve conception; The Rhythm Method; Natural Family Planning (NFP); menstrual and ovulatory cycles discussed in detail; Cosmic Birth Control is introduced.


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Published: 1981
Cigarettes, a feminist issue

This article demonstrates why tobacco is a feminist concern. Discusses the politics of tobacco, cigarettes as symbols. Illustrates the importance of breaking the silence around the dangers of tobacco use. Offers a list of organizations which stress prevention and provide support and information for smokers trying to quit. 

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Published: 1986