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Mainstreaming women's mental health: building a Canadian strategy

Briefly reviews the evidence with respect to sex and gender differences in mental health as they pertain to women. Provides recommendations for a national women's mental health strategy.

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Published: 2003
Mental health and addictions in women

Examines sex, gender and women's health in relation to mental health and problematic substance use.

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Published: 2006
Women, mental health, mental illness and addiction in Canada: an overview

Provides information about issues in women’s mental health, illness and addictions, such as women-centred care, trauma and violence, depression, and more, and makes recommendations for the next steps.

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Published: 2006
Annotated bibliography of Aboriginal women's health and healing research

Provides an interdisciplinary overview of Canadian research literature on issues respecting Aboriginal women, health and healing. Identifies gaps between existing research and community concerns.

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Published: 2005
Hearing women's voices: mental health care for women

Examines women's mental health concerns and looks at some of the debates taking place in the mental health reform process. Offers recommendations to meet women's needs and concerns.

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Published: 1999
Demonstrating progress: innovations in women's mental health

Describes and evaluates four mental health demonstration projects designed for women with chronic and persistent mental health problems in four difference communities in British Columbia.

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Published: 2003
A motherhood issue: discourses on mothering under duress
Analyzes the policy discourse as it pertains to women in three situations of mothering under duress (women who use substances, mothers who are subjected to violence and women who experience mental illness). (See Details)
Published: 2002
Violence and trauma in the lives of women with serious mental illness often overlooked, study finds
Summarizes a study that found that the impact of violence against women with serious mental illness has been routinely overlooked in policy development, mental health planning, in clinical practice and educational manuals. (See Details)
Published: 2003, 2004
Annotated bibliography on the mental health of healthcare workers

Annotated bibliography on the mental health of health care workers.

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Published: 2007
Network/Le Réseau - Spring/Summer 2009

This issue of Network focuses on why and how gender matters in mental health in Canada—a high priority for the Canadian Women’s Health Network and the Centres of Excellence for Women’s Health.

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Published: 2009