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Canadian guidelines for sexual health education

Revised from 2003 edition. Offers clear direction to assist local, regional and national groups as well as organizations and government bodies concerned with education and community health to further develop and improve sexual health education policies and programs that address the diverse needs of Canadians. Provides the framework for evaluating existing sexual health education programs policies, and related services available to Canadians.

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Published: 2008
The effectiveness of public health campaigns

Looks at the evidence on the effectiveness of interventions in changing behaviour generally, and more specifically, at the evidence concerning mass media campaigns.

Published: 2004
Female condom and dual protection: training for community-based distributors and peer educators

Provides a two-day curriculum demonstrating how to incorporate the female condom and dual protection into the program of already functioning community health workers.

Published: 2003
The gender guide for health communication programs

Encourages the incorporation of gender-based roles and responsibilities in the design, implementation, and evaluation of health communication programs.

Published: 2003
Promoting women's health: what works - fact sheet

Synthesizes findings of the report, "Literature Review: Best Mechanisms to Influence Health Risk Behaviour," which identified effective ways to promote health and influence behaviours that put women at risk.

Published: c2000
HIV/AIDS & STI resources for program managers, trainers, and providers

Provides a wide variety of materials for program managers, trainers, and health care providers working in the field of HIV and AIDS.

Published: 2004
Maternity care in the bush: using the Internet to provide educational resources to isolated practitioners

Discusses the establishment and evaluation of an internet-based resource library targeting the needs of remote area maternity service providers.

Published: 2006
Best practices: fetal alcohol syndrome/fetal alcohol effects and the effects of other substance use during pregnancy

Identifies best practices for the prevention, identification and intervention of FAS/FAE and the effects of other substance use during pregnancy at different life stages.

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Published: 2001
Well-written health information: a guide

Assists health practitioners to work with consumers to design written health information to ensure the information meets consumer needs, is comprehensive in scope, and is presented in an unbiased way.

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Published: 2000
Aboriginal diabetes initiative: Métis, off-reserve aboriginal and urban Inuit prevention and promotion: program framework

Provides an overview of the Métis, Off-reserve Aboriginal and Urban Inuit Prevention and Promotion (MOAUIPP) component of the Aboriginal Diabetes Initiative, a strategy announced by the Government of Canada in 1999. Designed to assist in meeting the needs of Aboriginal people dealing with the epidemic of type 2 diabetes in their communities. Describes the program purpose, target population, objectives, primary prevention and health promotion priorities, program delivery model, funding, project criteria, accessing program resources, and monitoring and evaluation for the MOAUIPP.

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Published: 2000