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Gender equity and health indicators in the context of health reforms

Discusses the significant challenges facing those evaluate health reform using a gender lens.

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Published: 2007
A summary of the "so what?" report: a look at whether integrating a gender focus into programmes makes a difference to outcomes

This summary of the full 'So what' report of 2004 provides policy-makers and programme mangers with four recommendations as to how to integrate gender concerns into reproductive health programmes. It highlights interventions that have had a positive impact on reproductive health outcomes, whether by exploiting, accommodating or transforming gender inequities, in four categories: maternal morbidity and mortality, unintended pregnancy, STIs/HIV/AIDS and quality of care.

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Published: July 2005
Women in Canada: a gender-based statistical report 2010-2011

The 25th anniversary of this publication includes chapters on immigrant women, women in a visible minority, Aboriginal women, senior women, and women with participation and activity limitations. The first edition was published in 1985, the year of the United Nations Third World Conference on Women in Nairobi. The report from the Conference noted that a ‘lack of reliable data prevents the assessment of relative improvements in women's status in the various sectors’, and urged ‘[f]urther investment in evolving adequate gender-specific data’.Women in Canada’s scope and purpose outlined in 1985 responded to that call, and continues today, intending to aid the continuing discussion and evaluation of the changing roles and social characteristics of Canadian women as well as contribute to the development of policies concerning the status of women in Canada.

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Published: 2011