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Gender-based analysis (GBA) in public health research, policy and practice: documentation of the international workshop in Berli

Reports on various approaches and tools necessary to gender research designs, health and health promotion programs or clinical services and instruments.

Published: 2001
The 'so what?' report: a look at whether integrating a gender focus into programs makes a difference to outcomes

Presents a compendium of activities and studies that take a gender-based approach to reproductive health and HIV/AIDS policy and programming.

Published: 2004
Gender-based analysis: a guide for policy making

Aims to facilitate the development and assessment of policies and legislation from a gender perspective so that they will have intended and equitable results for women and men, girls and boys.

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Published: 1998
Gender-based analysis and wait times: new questions, new knowledge

Demonstrate a gender-based analysis of wait times with respect to hip and knee replacements. Recommends that this model be applied to research and policy in other clinical areas and to the examination of wait times in general.

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Published: 2006
Girls, women and substance use

Summarizes the ways in which substance use and addiction differ for girls and women, and the implications of those differences for policy, research, systems and services.

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Published: 2005
GBA: beyond the red queen syndrome

Explores two key issues related to the use of gender based analysis as a vehicle for building knowledge for effective policy, programs, research and laws.

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Published: 2002
Evaluating programs for women: a gender-specific framework (2000 revised edition)

Presents revisions to the first edition (1999) incorporating the results of pilot evaluations. Provides a more detailed explanation of elements and processes.

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Published: 2000
Gender equity lens resource document

Provides an annotated bibliography that references and describes a variety of information sources relating to MCEWH's gender equity lens project.

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Published: 1999
Lessons from the field: policy makers and gender-based analysis tools in Canada

Studies the development and uptake of the federal government's policy to conduct gender-based analysis on all its policies and legislation.

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Published: 1998
A quick guide to... the gender management system
Presents the essential points of the book "Gender Management System Handbook."
Published: 1999