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Women's health surveillance: a plan of action for Health Canada. A Report from the Advisory Committee on Women's Health Surveillance

Provides advice on how such a surveillance system should operate: its issues, priorities, methodologies and potential partnerships in matters of women's health surveillance.

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Published: 1999
Further advancing the health of girls and women: report on the women's health strategy for British Columbia 2004-2005

The recently released report is a follow-up document to Advancing the Health of Girls and Women: A Women's Health Strategy for British Columbia (2004). It reports on advancements made in support of the Strategy and those occurring concurrently across the province in the Strategy's three priority areas:  

1) Improving Women's Health Monitoring, Surveillance, and Reporting

2) Sustaining Access to Maternity Care

3) Supporting Women-centred Approaches to Mental Health, Problematic Substance Use, and Addictions

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Published: 2008
Manitoba women's health strategy 2011

The result of 10 regional consultations throughout the province, carried out with the assistance of the Women's Health Clinic. Revisits the initial Manitoba Women’s Health Strategy which was developed in 2000-2001 to provide a foundation on which to build a new approach to women’s health.

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Published: 2011
Cigarettes, a feminist issue

This article demonstrates why tobacco is a feminist concern. Discusses the politics of tobacco, cigarettes as symbols. Illustrates the importance of breaking the silence around the dangers of tobacco use. Offers a list of organizations which stress prevention and provide support and information for smokers trying to quit. 

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Published: 1986
Achieving health for all: the epp report

This article examines The Epp Report. Discuses the proposed movement from the individual model. Illustrates the value of the report in terms of health promotion and health strategies.

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Published: 1987
In our words: profiles of organizations working to better women's health

This article profiles organizations across Canada working to better women's health. Lists mission statements, program intentions and community involvement. 

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Published: 1992