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Blueprint for action on women and HIV/AIDS

Outlines a comprehensive strategy to stop the HIV/AIDS epidemic among women (including transgendered women) globally that requires adequately funded, sustained and ongoing response from all stakeholders.

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Published: 2005
Ageways 61: HIV/AIDS and older people

Newsletter of HelpAge International that disusses how HIV/AIDS affects older people, including articles on home care for people with AIDS, grandmothers caring for children whose parents have died of AIDS, reducing the stigma of AIDS, and educating older people about the disease.

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Published: December 2002
Violence against women and AIDS: critical intersections

Discusses the crucial connections between violence against women and the spread of HIV/AIDS. The links between intimate partner violence and HIV/AIDS are explained by biological as well as sociocultural and economic factors. Ways in which the two epidemics intersect are described here with the caveat that pathways, causal or temporal links between violence against women and HIV/AIDS are quite complex and not completely understood.

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Published: 2004