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Gender, AIDS and ARV therapies: ensuring women gain equitable access to drugs within U.S. funded treatment initiatives
Identifies necessary elements to consider when deciding who should receive the very limited AIDS and antiretroviral (ARV) treatment programs promised to developing countries by the US. Suggests that in order to ensure social equity, US government should provide access to marginalized and vulnerable communities particularly girls and women. Provides a list of guidelines for population selection and program implementation. (See Details)
Published: 2004
Ensuring equitable access to antiretroviral treatment for women

This policy statement identifies actions needed to address the gender dimensions of equity in access to antiretrovial therapy (ART). Gender-based inequalities often affect women's ability to access ART services and put women and girls at increased risk of acquiring HIV. To adequately address gender issues in the scale up of ART, action is required in four areas: 1. development of a supportive policy environment; 2. strengthening health systems to make them more responsive to the specific needs of women and men; 3. promotion of programmes that overcome obstacles to equitable access; Development of benchmarks and indicators to measure progress.

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Published: 2004