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Transgender and women's substantive equality: national consultation report

Provides a summary of the discussions and overview of the National Consultation on Transgender and Women's Substantive Equality Rights.

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Published: 2003
Law matters

Provides information on the laws tied to sex work. Also presents advice for when sex trade workers come into contact with police tips for reducing the chances of being targeted.

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Published: 2004
A guide to the law for Saskatchewan women

Provides comprehensive, easy to understand legal information on a broad range of topics that affect Saskatchewan women.

Published: 2004
Abortion in law, history & religion

Places the issue of abortion in an historical and international context by examining its evolving legal status around the world and focusing on individual countries' laws and practices.

Published: 1995
Transgender and women's substantive equality: discussion paper

Raises and discusses questions of relevance to law reform initiatives pertaining to the relation between transgender and women's substantive equality rights.

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Published: 2003
Responses to anti-abortion arguments about morality and the law

Suggests responses for anti-abortion arguments about morality and the law.

Report by the Women and Justice Tripartite Committee

Provides recommendations aimed at the training and role of police officers and of Attorney General's prosecutors working with Aboriginal women victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.

Published: 2003
Mean streets? The social locations, gender dynamics, and patterns of violent crime in Winnipeg

Reveals that male violence against women they know is a social problem deserving of serious public attention and response. Suggests a need to re-examine the strategies being used, including the zero-tolerance policy implemented in 1993. PDF required to read.

Published: 2000
Spousal abuse policies and legislation: final report of the Ad Hoc Federal-Provincial-Territorial Working Group Reviewing Spousa

Identifies three key objectives of any criminal justice response to spousal abuse: criminalizing spousal abuse; promoting the safety and security of the victim; and maintaining confidence in the administration of justice. It recommends the retention of pro-charging and pro-prosecution policies in spousal abuse cases as well as the development and enhancement of supporting programs, services and structures. Also in PDF format.

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Published: 2001
HIV testing and pregnancy: medical and legal parameters of the policy debate

Analyzes issues related to HIV testing and pregnancy.

Published: 1999