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Connecting systems, supporting change: transition houses, women experiencing partner violence and substance use

Discusses research that looked at the relationship between alcohol and substance use in women who experience intimate partner violence and treatment interventions made available in transition houses or shelters.

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Published: 2006
Policy from the ground up: rural services for survivors of woman abuse

Describes the immediate uptake of observations made by research subjects, farm women living in abusive relationships.

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Published: 2001
Family violence in Canada: a statistical profile 2006

Provides current data on the nature and extent of family violence in Canada. Focuses on the criminal history of persons charged with spousal violence over a 10-year timeframe (1995 to 2004).

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Published: 2006
A handbook for health and social service professionals responding to abuse during pregnancy

Provides assistance to help professionals identify and respond appropriately to the needs of women who are abused during pregnancy. Presents an overview of the research as well as practical applications.

Published: 1999
Violence: the many forms

Discusses various forms of violence against women, including psychological and verbal abuse, date rape, and violence in teen relationships. Provides the phone numbers of help lines in Quebec which offer support, information, and referral to appropriate services.

Challenges in working with older women

Discusses issues involved in working with older women who are victims of violence in relationships or other types of domestic violence.

Published: 1997

Designed to increase awareness among young women around the issue of violence in relationships and assist them in identifying and dealing with violence that may exist in their own relationships.

Aboriginal shelters in Canada

Provides a listing of Aboriginal shelters for each province and territory.

Published: 2004
Intimate partner violence consensus statement

Provides health care providers with a summary of current knowledge on intimate partner violence (IPV). Proposes recommendations for best practices and identifies tools and resources to support interventions.

Published: 2005
Statistics sheet: violence against women partners

Assists in understanding the prevalence of, and trends in, violence against women in Canada. Includes statistics from other studies on family violence, spousal abuse, and type of abuse.