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Silent Spring Insititute

Staffed by researchers who partner with physicians, public health and community advocates and other scientists to identify and break the links between environmental chemicals and women’s health, especially breast cancer. 

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U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

The mission of EPA is to protect human health and the environment.

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Women in Europe for a Common Future

International network of over 100 women’s, environmental and health organisations implementing projects in 40 countries and advocating globally for a healthy environment for all. Strives for balancing the environment, health and economy, taking the different needs and perspectives of women and men into account. Enables women and men to participate at local and global levels in policy processes for sustainable development. Implements solutions locally and influences policy internationally.

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Toxic Free Canada

Brings together environmentalists and health activists, unions and green businesses, parents and teachers, scientists and cancer prevention advocates to eliminate health and environmental toxins and reduce our carbon footprint on the planet. 

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Diabetes and the Environment

Website of Sarah Howard, National Coordinator of The Collaborative on Health and the Environment's Diabetes-Obesity Spectrum Working Group. Provides links to research and other information on the relationships between environmental chemicals and the development of diabetes.

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Collaborative on Health and the Environment

An international partnership committed to strengthening the scientific and public dialogue on the impact of environmental factors on human health and catalyzing initiatives to address these concerns. Leverages mainstream health-affected constituencies in the environmental health science revolution and engages researchers, health professionals, and environmental health and justice advocates from diverse sectors. Founded in 2002, an international partnership of over 4,000 individuals and organizations in 45 countries and 48 states, including scientists, health professionals, health-affected groups, nongovernmental organizations and other concerned citizens, committed to improving human and ecological health.

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