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Sustainable Design International Ltd.
Acts as a professional and multi-disciplinary research, design, engineering and consultancy practice - specializing in the theory and implementation of a sustainable 'built environment'in the EU. Website includes descriptions and publications of work done by organization in the areas of sustainablity, architecture, fire, and synchronicity. (See Details)
MATCH International Centre
Works in partnership with groups in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean and South America towards the empowerment of women and the practical enjoyment of human rights and fundamental freedoms through civil, political, economic, social and cultural justice. (See Details)
Inter Pares
Forms a feminist organization that works to support communities in developing countries to create healthy, safe and secure futures. Forme un organisme féministe qui offre un support aux pays en développement à promouvoir la justice économique et sociale dans leur communauté et dans la société en général. (See Details)
Women in Europe for a Common Future

International network of over 100 women’s, environmental and health organisations implementing projects in 40 countries and advocating globally for a healthy environment for all. Strives for balancing the environment, health and economy, taking the different needs and perspectives of women and men into account. Enables women and men to participate at local and global levels in policy processes for sustainable development. Implements solutions locally and influences policy internationally.

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