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BC Coalition of People with Disabilities
Forms an organization that uses education, advocacy and special projects to work toward the dissolution of the physical, attitudinal and systemic barriers in our society that deny us equal opportunities, provides a strong coherent voice for the cross-disability communities in B.C., and shares information with and support other self-help disability organizations with common goals. (See Details)
Manitoba League of Persons with Disabilities Inc.
Forms a membership-based organization representing the concerns of people with all types of disabilities in Manitoba. promotes equal rights, full participation in society, and facilitates postive change through advocacy and public education. (See Details)
BC Rehab Foundation
Forms an organization that supports people with disabilities through education, research, arts, recreation and wellness programs. Celebrates and supports people with disabilities in their determined efforts to strive towards their own form of independence.
Saskatchewan Prevention Institute
Works to create province-wide awareness of preventative measures to reduce the incidence of handicapping conditions in children. (See Details)
Forms a student organization which promotes the rights of students with disabilities on campus and provides a number of services and disability resources for York students, staff and faculty. (See Details)
Canadian Abilities Foundation
Links people with disabilities to a world of resources. (See Details)
Access Centre
Forms an organization that provides advice and co-ordinates the provision of services and adaptations - both in academic areas and in the physical environment on campus - so that students with disabilities may achieve personal success. (See Details)
Access for Success - Humber College
This program is funded through Literacy and Basic Skills and is a special program for adults with disabilities. The program focuses on career exploration and development and basic reading, writing and math skills. (See Details)
Ontario Association on Developmental Disabilities

OADD is a professional organization of people working and studying in the field of developmental disabilities, throughout Ontario. OADD's members include agencies and organizations; university and community college students and instructors; service provider direct care staff and managers; family support workers; case managers; psychologists; social workers; and other dedicated individuals.

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