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Keele Street Women's Group
Provides a supportive environment where women can increase their social support network and learn about community resources.
Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders (ANAD)
Provides support through sharing experiences and exploring solutions. Guest speakers attend meetings facilitated by psychotherapists.
Repetitive Strain Injury Support Group
Helps people with R.S.I. share information on treatment and new developments as well as support one another. (See Details)
Sharing the Caring
Provides information and resources concerning aging and caregiver stress in the form of group discussions, presentations, guest speakers and videos.
Toronto Bisexual Network
Forms an organization that offers a safe place for bisexual and those questioning their sexuality, regardless of sex or gender identity, age, race, class, or ability. Creates support, a social network, information, and referral to other bisexual organizations and services, as well as offers the opportunity to become politically involved in bisexual issues. (See Details)
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Helpline
Provides support and advice to people with OCD and those in their lives.
Family, Friends and Partners of People with Eating Disorders
Provides a place for families, friends and partners of people with eating disorders to share experiences and feelings, coping skills for positive change. Professionally facilitated.
The Olive Branch of Hope Breast Cancer Support Services
Provides support services and information to Caribbean and Afro-Canadian cancer patients and their families. (See Details)