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Assistance parents
Presents a national, bilingual telephone and Internet service offering confidential support, information and referrals to parents of children aged 0 to 19 years. Provides access to counselling in areas such as child welfare, child and adolescent development, child psychology, and other challenges faced by parents.
Women for Sobriety
Helps women alcoholics recover from problem drinking through the discovery of self, gained by sharing experiences, hopes and encouragement with other women in similar circumstances.
Bereavement Self Help Group for Widows and Widowers
Provides emotional supprt to recently bereaved widows and widowers 55+ years of age.
Osteoporosis Support Group (Toronto)
Shares information, concerns and hopes in a safe, supportive and confidential atmosphere. Professionally facilitated. (See Details)
Etobicoke Caregivers Support Group
Provides support to caregivers who have attended caregiver workshops in Etibicoke, who have, are presently, or will be caring for a senior, who are actively seeking solutions to problems, and/or who need support.
Women Living With HIV
Provides support, education and sense of community for women living with HIV. Professionally facilitated.
Phoenix Association Toronto Self-Help Group
Provides support and a social outlet for single men and women with herpes. (See Details)
Keele Street Women's Group
Provides a supportive environment where women can increase their social support network and learn about community resources.
Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders (ANAD)
Provides support through sharing experiences and exploring solutions. Guest speakers attend meetings facilitated by psychotherapists.
Repetitive Strain Injury Support Group
Helps people with R.S.I. share information on treatment and new developments as well as support one another. (See Details)