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Planned Parenthood Cape Breton
Provides free services, information and counselling on basic anatomy, sexuality, menstruation, birth control, prevention of sexually transmitted infections (STIs), menopause, and counselling for pregnant women. (See Details)
Canadian Doctors for Medicare
Works to advocate for the preservation of publicly funded health care in Canada, and to inform and educate doctors, policy makers, other health practitioners and the general public about the value, efficiency, quality and equity of publicly funded health care and the reality of alternative systems. (See Details)
Edmonton Journal
Bereaved Families of Ontario

Bereavement support groups for children, adolescents and young adults who have lost a sibling or parent to death, for bereaved parents who have lost a child to death. Provides support information to the bereaved, thier ommunity and the professional community.

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The Hesperian Foundation is a non-profit publisher of books and newsletters for community-based health care. Simply written and heavily illustrated, Hesperian books are designed so that people with little formal education can understand, apply and share health information. Developed collaboratively with health workers and community members from around the world, our books and newsletters address the underlying social, political, and economic causes of poor health and suggest ways groups can organize to improve health conditions in their communities. (See Details)

Global Health Network
The Global Health Network is an alliance of experts in health and telecommunications who are actively developing the architecture for a health information structure for the prevention of disease in the 21st century. (See Details)
Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR)
Works to promote, assist and undertake basic, applied and clinical research in Canada in the health sciences; and to advise the Minister of Health in respect of matters relating to such research as the Minister may refer to the Council. (See Details)
AIDS Saskatoon

AIDS Saskatoon is the primary community based AIDS service organization in central and northern Saskatchewan. Founded in 1986, we are a volunteer based, non-profit, charitable agency with a mandate to work with, and provide support for, those affected by HIV, and to educate for the prevention of HIV infection.

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Qulliit Nunavut Status of Women
Centre Youville

Provides a nurse managed, community-based accessible health resource for the communities of St. Vital and St. Boniface. Provides a place where individuals and families can work on their health concerns with health professionals or with other people who have had similar experiences. Offers the following programs and services: Ask a nurse, Children and youth, Community building, Diabetes education resource, Healthy lifestyles for adults, Emotional/spiritual/mental health, Nutrition, Parenting resources, Prenatal services, Public health nurses, and Seniors. (See Details)