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Manitoba AIDS Cooperative
Forms a network of community-based organizations that work to ensure the design, development, and implementation of appropriate HIV/AIDS programs, services and policies for people living in Manitoba.
NSW Multicultural Health Communication Service
Provides information and services to assist health professionals to communicate with non English speaking communities throughout New South Wales, Australia. (See Details)
Cambridge Reporter
Manitoba Women's Advisory Council
Advises the Manitoba government on issues concerning the status of women. Promotes the equal participation of women in society. Work focuses on issues that have legal, social or economic impact on women's lives. Prepares briefs, submissions and reports that contain recommendations for change, relayed to government through the Minister responsible for the Status of Women. (See Details)
Planned Parenthood Ottawa
Offers counseling and education to assist and support people in making informed sexual and reproductive choices. (See Details)
British Columbia Ministry of Health, Children's, Women's and Seniors' Health Branch
The Children's, Women's and Seniors' Health Branch is responsible for providing subject matter expertise, critical analysis and advice to the Ministry of Health on issues affecting the health of women and seniors. The branch will monitor current planning, policies and programs and work with stakeholders to ensure that key women's, children's and seniors' health issues are reflected within the health care system. (See Details)
Hope Breast Cancer Information and Resource Centre

Assists individuals whose lives have been touched by breast cancer by providing information, support and referral to support programming. Provides resources and support to individuals who are concerned about breast health issues.

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Community Resource Centre (Killaloe) Inc.

The CRC is people working in our communities encouraging and supporting individuals to improve quality of life for positive growth in family life, cooperation, right livelihood, and social development.

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Elizabeth Fry Society of Toronto

Represents and fosters the community's interest and responsibility to women who are in conflict with the law. Facilitates the empowerment of women and to address the reasons why women come into conflict with the law.

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Ontario Women's Health Council
The overriding goal of the Ontario Women’s Health Council (OWHC) is to improve the health of all Ontario women. To achieve this goal, the OWHC works to ensure that Ontario women have access to appropriate health care when, where and how they need it. The council also champions the accountability of society and the health-care system for the health of Ontario women, and is building Ontario’s research capacity in women’s health.