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Canada Health Act Division
Prepares and publishes the annual report on the Canada Health Act as required by law. (See Details)
Planned Parenthood Society of Hamilton
Provides free services, information and counselling on basic anatomy, sexuality, menstruation, birth control, prevention of sexually transmitted infections (STIs), menopause, and counselling for pregnant women. (See Details)
Canadian Cancer Society, Nova Scotia Division
Delivers support programs to cancer patients and information about cancer prevention in Nova Scotia. (See Details)
Scadding Court Community Centre
SCCC is a multi-service agency that was founded in 1978. Located in the heart of downtown west Toronto, the Centre delivers a wide range of programs and services for seniors, adults, youth and children including recreation programs, sports programs, after four programs, services for new Canadians, health services and much more. In addition to community programs, the Centre hosts a number of festivals, fundraisers and events every year.  (See Details)
WRAP - Women Recovering From Abuse Program
Provides group therapy to build resources, helping women develop new ways of engaging with others, managing difficult situations/safety, understanding feelings, thoughts and behaviours, developing and strengthening safe coping strategies. (See Details)
Child Find Manitoba
Works cooperatively with public agencies and non-profit organizations engaged in the area of child protection and advocacy. (See Details)
Manitoba Breast Screening Program
Offers breast screening to all Manitoba women between 50 and 69 years old, who meet the program's eligibility criteria. (See Details)
Winnipeg Free Press
Association for Progressive Communications Women's Networking Support Programme
Forms a global network of women who support women networking for social change and women's empowerment, through the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs). (See Details)
Canadian Council of Natural Mothers
Advocates on behalf of birth mothers concerning full disclosure, open records, information veto, contact veto, and confidentiality in general. (See Details)