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Ministère de la Santé et du Mieux-être du Nouveau-Brunswick

The provincial ministry responsible for managing New Brunswick’s health care and community service system. Promotes the well-being of New Brunswickers through a wide range of programs, services and legislation. Ministère provincial responsable de la gestion des soins de santé et des services communautaires du Nouveau-Brunswick. Favorise le bien-être de tous les Néo-Brunswickois par l'entremise d'une vaste gamme de programmes, de services et de mesures législatives.

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Bureau de la participation des consommateurs et du public

Provides expertise and coordination for public involvement activities in the Health Products and Food Branch. // Fournit expertise et services de coordination pour les activités de participation du public au sein de la Direction générale des produits de santé et des aliments.

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Division de la Loi canadienne sur la santé

Prépare and publie selon les demandes de la loi le rapport annuel sur la Loi canadienne sur la santé.

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AIDS Support Chatam-Kent

Forms is a satellite office of AIDS Committee of Windsor. Serves residents affected by HIV/AIDS with support, counselling, financial aid and education.

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Venus Magazine

Publishes a newsletter with a health focus, aimed directly at the needs of young women growing up in Toronto.

Puvirnituq Maternity (Centre de santé Innulitsivik)
Forms a network comprising non-governmental organizations, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), cooperating agencies, and the Bureau for Global Health of USAID. Raises awareness and commmitment to synergies between gender equity and reproductive health/HIV outcomes. Collects empirical data and identifies best practices on gender issues and the interface with reproductive health/HIV. Develops operational tools for the integration of gender approaches into population, health and nutrition programming. Maintains a listserv. (See Details)
University of Regina
Trillium Health Centre-Mississauga
A leading community hospital in Ontario, Trillium Health Centre continues to expand in response to the growing health care needs of the one million+ residents it serves in Mississauga, West Toronto and the surrounding region.
Nipissing University
While the roots of Nipissing University extend back to the 1900's with the North Bay Normal School, Nipissing University College was formed in 1967 as an affiliate of Laurentian University. Nipissing University received its charter as an independent University in 1992. Today, Nipissing is proud to be a primarily undergraduate university with a reputation for excellence in teacher education, arts, science, business and nursing. (See Details)