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Child & Family Canada

Offers articles and resources on child development, child care, family life, health, learning activities, play, safety, social issues and special needs from 60 Canadian non-profit organizations. // Offre des articles et des ressources sur le développement de l'enfant, la garde à l'enfance, la vie familiale, la santé, des activités d'apprentissage, l'aphabétisation, les effets des média sur les enfants, l'activité physique, le jeu, la sécurité, les problèmes sociaux, et les besoins spéciaux provenant de 60 organisations à but non lucratif.

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Centre for Evidence-based Social Services

Forms an organization that ensures that decisions taken at all levels of Social Services are informed by trends from good quality research.

Direction générale de la condition féminine de l'Ontario

Provides focus for government action on issues of concern to women - in particular, social, economic and justice-related issues. Web site includes listing of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), publications and research, and links to other sites. Organisme qui conseille le gouvernement sur les mesures à prendre en ce qui concerne les questions préoccupant les femmes, en particulier celles d'ordre social, économique et juridique. Elle compte deux principaux secteurs d'activités : la prévention de la violence faite aux femmes et la promotion de l'autonomie économique des femmes.

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Planned Parenthood Fredericton

Promotes birth planning and encourages healthy sexuality. Offers non-judgemental, confidential and anonymous services to all individuals.

Childbirth by Choice Trust

Educates the public about fertility control issues such as contraceptive use, unintended pregnancy, and abortion. Online resources include educational material aimed at the general public and information for women faced with unintended pregnancies who have specific questions or concerns.

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CINBIOSE: Centre for the study of biological interactions in human health

Conducts interdisciplinary research and training on workplace health and environmental health.

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Ottawa Feminist Health Collective

Works to educate women and the community about women’s health from a feminist perspective.

Correctional Services of Canada

Contributes to the protection of society by actively encouraging and assisting offenders to become law-abiding citizens, while exercising reasonable, safe, secure and humane control.

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New Brunswick Women's Institute

Works to inform and educate rural women about issues and events of concern to them and their communities.

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