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Regina General Hospital Adolescent Unit

The unit is an inpatient hospital setting serving all health needs for adolescents ages 13-19 such as general surgery, medicine, orthopaedics, and psychiatry including eating disorders. Support groups are also provided in the unit.

Iskwéwak Waniskawak

Aims to help Aboriginal people, in particular women, their families and youth, access meaningful employment by providing services promoting labour market skills, career counselling and career planning, working with employers to identify work opportunities, working with employers and employee client to ensure successful work placements, and providing access to education opportunities.

Prince Albert Grand Council Women's Commission

Provides healing from the effects of family violence using a holistic approach that involves the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional well being of victim(s), children, offenders, extended families and the community. Targets Aboriginal people who are experiencing problems with family violence, as well as serving non-Aboriginal people who are in crisis and seeking support.

Aboriginal Women's Council of Saskatchewan

Forms an initiative of the Community Justice Programs of the Government of Saskatchewan. Includes in its objectives: educating and organizing Aboriginal women to help with issues such as safety, victimization, abuse and healing; influencing the development of social policy that is sensitive to the needs of Aboriginal women and children; promoting wellness and safe environments through community development and economic development, and; providing crime prevention and family violence programs for youth.

Saskatoon Health Oasis

Oasis is envisioned as a facility located in Saskatoon, employing one or more biomedically trained physicians and one or more complementary practitioners, providing a combination of clinical, educational, informational and consultative services to persons and organizations within the Saskatoon Health District.

Catholic Family Services of the Battlefords Inc.

Arises out of Catholic beliefs, values and traditions. Enables families to make life-giving choices which promote esteem, trus and courage to love despite limitations and loss. Offers counsellors, family life educators, and advocates on women's health topics, including body image/weight preoccupation, domestic violence, post-partum depression and anger management.

Saskatchewan Women's Agriculture Network
Provides support, encouragement and education for farm women through newsletters and conferences. Encourages research, networks among individuals, and liaises with agricultural and other organizations. Promotes improvement of the status of rural women, recognition of farm women's contributions, the need for education and support services in rural areas, and improvement of agricultural policies.
Regina Youth Treatment Centre
Cote First Nation
Little Black Bear's First Nation