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Saskatchewan Prevention Institute

A non-profit organization that works to raise awareness and educate others about the prevention of disabling conditions in children.

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Beardy's and Okemasis First Nation
Regina Community Clinic

The Regina Community Clinic is a primary health service provider. Our ultimate goal is to build a healthy population by offering support that focuses on diagnosis and treatment, disease prevention and patient education.

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Key Health Clinic
Five Hills Health District

The Five Hills Regional Health Authority is responsible for the planning, organization, delivery and evaluation of health services it is to provide within its health region and within any other area that may be directed by the minister. In carrying out its responsibilities the regional health authority shall:

  • Assess the health needs of the persons to whom the regional health authority provides health services;
  • Prepare and regularly update an operational plan for the provision of health services;
  • Provide the health services that the minister determines that the regional health authority is to provide;
  • Co-ordinate the health services it provides with those provided by other providers of health services;
  • Evaluate the health services that it provides;
  • Promote and encourage health and wellness; and
  • Do any other things that the minister may direct.
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Saskatchewan First Nations Women's Commission

The Saskatchewan First Nations’ Women’s Commission (SFNWC) is the recognized regional voice for the advancement of First Nations’ women’s and children’s rights in Saskatchewan. The SFNWC is committed to the development and sustenance of healthy communities by which all First Nations people benefit. The SFNWC takes the lead on certain issues that are considered “women’s and children’s issues” in mainstream society, although not dictated as such in First Nations communities because First Nations philosophy emphasizes collective as opposed to individual rights.


Historically, since the 1960’s First Nations’ Women in Saskatchewan have come together to discuss a variety of issues and the poor living conditions in which they had to endure. The Saskatchewan First Nations’ Women’s Commission (SFNWC) was formed in 2000, first as a Council, and in February 2004, the Chiefs-in-Assembly voted for the FSIN Convention Act to be amended to include the SFNWC as the seventh Commission. The FSIN Women’s Act was ratified at the June 2004 Chiefs-in-Assembly and is a formal piece of legislation that validates the ongoing movement of Saskatchewan First Nations’ Women.


Honoring the Treaties is a priority for Saskatchewan First Nations’ women's groups. The mandate of the Saskatchewan First Nations Women’s Commission is the development of First Nation Women’s rights and advocate to develop women’s strategic initiatives while respecting the Treaty process. In the past we have ensured this vision is met through:


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Melville Public Library
Co-operative Health Centre

The Prince Albert Co-opertive Center is a primary health care provider. We enable our clients by providing preventative, health promotion, supportive and currative health services.

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Saskatchewan Union of Nurses

The Saskatchewan Union of Nurses (SUN) represents 7700 registered nurses and registered psychiatric nurses employed in long term care, home care, acute care, public health, mental health, community health, and blood supply services. The union is governed by an elected Board of Directors and guided by policies adopted at its annual meetings. SUN’s mandate includes the negotiation and enforcement of nurses’ employment conditions, and the advancement of the social, economic and general welfare of SUN members. The union also provides assistance to nurses who believe their agency is failing to meet professional standards of patient care.


SUN provides continuing employment relations advice and support for nurses. SUN members can also access continuing education programs. SUN regularly communicates with the public concerning issues such as patient safety and the nursing shortage. The union publishes an internal newsletter called "SUNSpots." SUN is affiliated with the Canadian Federation of Nurses' Unions, the Canadian Labour Congress and the Saskatchewan Federation of Labour

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Canada Institute for Scientific & Technical Information

NRC Canada Institute for Scientific and Technical Information (NRC-CISTI), as Canada's national science library and leading scientific publisher, provides Canada's research and innovation community with tools and services for accelerated discovery, innovation and commercialization.

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