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Saskatchewan Women's Institutes
Forms a rural-based women's organization that helps discover and stimulate leadership growth in women. Promotes the improvement of agricultural and rural communities. Concerned with education, health, the environment and human rights. Networks with other organizations on local, provincial, national and international levels. Regular newsletter and mailings to members. Offers leadership workshops.
Women of the National Farmers Union
Works to ensure that the voices of farm women are clearly heard, dealing with issues ranging from farm economics and safety, to rural childcare and community concerns, to national and international agricultural issues. (See Details)
Saskatchewan Women's Agriculture Network
Provides support, encouragement and education for farm women through newsletters and conferences. Encourages research, networks among individuals, and liaises with agricultural and other organizations. Promotes improvement of the status of rural women, recognition of farm women's contributions, the need for education and support services in rural areas, and improvement of agricultural policies.